Tektronix and BCC


The Electrical department has had a long history with the equipment of Tektronix.  Yesterday, March 22, 2006, Roger Williams walked in the lab and brought an AFG3101 Arbitrary Function Generator to show and demonstrate.  It was a real pleasure to see Roger again; he had retired from Tektronix but still works part time in the industry.


Roger is responsible for the excellent quality of equipment that we have in the main electronics lab.  He made sure we were up to date over the years.  He would bring in the latest equipment to show us, and then proceed to arrange the very best discount for it. This process was repeated over and over, and the things we learned !


The photo shows Roger at work with the AFG3101, showing our #1 Tech Donovan McCarty the new instrument.


Donovan maintains all this equipment, and hes also a collector of vintage instruments.


The Tektronix main site has many products, demonstrations, and useful materials including:


            The XYZs of Oscilloscopes


            The ABCs of Logic Analyzers


            Class and lab resources


            DPO Demo


There are numerous web sites maintained by others who appreciate the quality of Tektronix Equipment:


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Posted March 23, 2006

Alan C. Dixon, Professor Emeritus