Entrepreneurial Beginnings


  Project overview


  On the set of American Chopper


  Damaged product - Emergency Repair !


 Electronic Design Phase – the drive circuitry ..









         This year, the BCC Electrical Department and Eckcraft Metal Arts have teamed-up with Orange County Choppers, the stars of Discovery Channel’s blockbuster television show, American Chopper the Series.

         We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Orange County Choppers on what is sure to be an exciting time to be enrolled at  BCC.

         Run by the father-and-son team of Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr., Orange County Choppers makes theme and custom-made choppers, such as the Lance Armstrong Bike, POW bike, Jet Bike, Comanche, Black Widow, Firebike, Liberty Bike, I-Robot Bike, and many more. The OCC facilities are located in  Montgomery, NY. 


Design and Fabrication


As part of the Technical Entrepreneurship Program, in the Spring 2005 semester the students in EET 230, the design and fabrication course, will design circuit boards for tail lights that Eckcraft is building for Orange County Choppers.  One of these lights will be used on an F22 Raptor theme bike that OCC is building for the United States Air Force.  The creation of this bike will be featured on episodes of American Chopper on The Discovery Channel.







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