The Maas-Rowe Carillon -  The Campus Chimes


Donated by Dr Leopold Eckler

Rebuilt by Donovan McCarty

Housed by Electrical Engineering Technology


The chimes are heard on the hour all over campus between the hours of  8am and 6pm.  They are generated using an unusual method – small brass rods are struck with small hammers to create the melodious sound – Big Ben sounds on the BCC Campus.


The Maas-Rowe Carillon comes with a console keyboard and can be played by a talented individual. 


It also has a reader and can play mylar music rolls.


Some pictures:




EET Technician Donovan McCarty has rebuilt the damaged and obsolete control circuitry using a modern programmable controller manufactured by Direct Logic


The controller is programmed with a personal computer ( PC )




 The controller is on the left ( above ) and the keypad control on the right.


It’s amazing to realize that the sound comes from small brass rods shown below:



The mylar music roll reader is being rebuilt; the main power amplifier is complete.





Who was Dr Leopold Eckler ?   Dr Eckler provided more than the Carillon – also scholarships !




Photo and article courtesy of the Broome Community College Foundation


Remembering Leopold Eckler…


“Having spent most of my adult life in the United States, I wish, by certain gifts to my community, to express in a tangible way my appreciation for the opportunities that have been afforded me in this country, and to do what I can to foster its noble ideals in the minds and hearts of future young Americans.”---from the Eckler will.


 Twenty years have passed since the death of Leopold Eckler, PhD.  Eckler was born and educated in Austria, and a chemist by training. After serving in the Austrian Army in World War I he came to the United States in 1928, and spent the rest of his professional life in management positions in Binghamton with the Agfa/Ansco Division of GAF. He retired in 1963, but maintained an active life of community service and philanthropy until his death in 1984, two days after his 86th birthday. Eckler was a member of various technical and scientific organizations, and served on the Board of Directors of the First City National Bank of Binghamton, the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, and the Sheraton Binghamton Corporation, as well as on the Boards of various non-profit organizations.


   He was dedicated to education and served on the BCC Board of Trustees during the tenure of Cecil C. Tyrrell, completing his service in 1965.  That year he became one of founding Directors of the BCC Foundation, successor organization to the BCC Student Aid Association, in which he also participated.  Eckler made many generous gifts to BCC during his lifetime, including the gift of a grand piano and the College carillon, which still tones the hour on campus.  Perhaps his greatest gift was the Scholarship Trust he created under his will, to benefit “worthy young men and women in the continuation of their higher education at college and post-graduate levels.  BCC and BU share equally in the annual distribution. Last year 66 BCC students received grants of at least half tuition from this trust.


   The Dr. Leopold Eckler Heritage Associates is named for this very special person, recognizing individuals who establish planned gifts with the BCC Foundation. The organization promotes enlightened lifelong philanthropy for those who wish to benefit BCC and by extension Broome County. Members recognize the satisfaction of helping a valuable community resource continue to flourish, while they secure sound financial options for themselves and their heirs.  To become a member, simply notify the BCC Foundation and provide us with either a copy of the specific paragraph that designates your estate commitment or a written statement explaining your commitment.


       Big Ben – Tower of London          London Cam     



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